OC newbie, but otherwise very experienced. I am beginning to think I have hit a wall with my i5-2500k at 4.3GHZ.

OC OK at 4.3GHZ. Passes stress test. Have Vcore running a little high now (3.9v) to keep trying to up Mult. Max core temp under stress 60c. I have done all the things I found recommended on forums like Turbo Boost pwr limits >200, Core current limit >200. Am using OFFSET mode, offset =.080, LLC=4 (results in Vcore=3.9)

When I raise to MULT to 44 I can't even boot into bios! Am I one of the unlucky chip owners (50% of us according to ASUS study) that just has a less capable chip?

Reading so many posts on the net about people "achieving" 5GHZ +, make me wonder what I am doing wrong. OR, perhaps the achievement is really more the luck of the draw. ASUS says 10% of i5-2500ks will go >5GHz.