Hi All

My first post here and I am in a desperate situation after wasting more than two days on this issue already.

The specs are :
Asrock 870 extreme 3, 2X4 GB DDR3 Mushkin silverline, AMD phenom II x2 555, Zalman 500 W psu, Radeon HD 3650 ddr2 card,
two Hitachi hdds - sata 2 (3gb/s) and sata 3 (6gb/s) respectively. All installed on win 7 ultimate sp1. No overclocking - everything
at stock. One external usb 3 plugable hdd dock is attached.

The machine freezes while I am playing video thru wmp 12 and doing something else. If I leave it playing for hours it does not
freeze. Now, I suspect if wmp12 has to do anything with that. I have another gigabyte machine which does not have this issue.

This machine was fine for ten months. Then I decided to use AHCI. For this I had to enable it and install win 7 afresh. After that, the
machine started giving problems. I have uninstalled amd ahci driver and using the native win 7 ahci drivers. Still had the same issue
so I enabled ide in the bios and win 7 auto installed the drivers for that. Still having the same issue. This is my main machine and I
used to love this asrock board :(

Pls guide. I have spent too much time on this problem already !