Hello, just got this board since about a week ago.
I have do some overclocking, and now find that my 2600K rock stable at Vcore 1.270v, LLC2, PLL 1.709v. All other voltages are at their default.
Also I activated only Speedstep and C1E. C3 and C6 disabled and system will sleep and wake up just fine. The BIOS is still on version 1.10.

However, I'm still using fixed Vcore setting right now and that means the Vcore won't go down when the processor is in idle state. I want to use offset voltage for that purpose, to go more green and cool, also save some of my electricity bill, but somehow, I can't manage it right.
When I set to offset, I realized the Vcore somehow start from value of 1.35v. So, once I've tried to set the offset voltage to -0.08v to get to the 1.270v value, save the setting and enter the BIOS again. And yes, it told me there that my Vcore are 1.27v now, but then the system become very unstable. It won't load Windows, and even hang on BIOS screen! Something like heavyly lack of vcore effect, and it forces me to clear CMOS to get it to its sanity again.

So, I have some question for anybody here:
1. How should I manage to set the Vcore with offset method right, for 1.27v value?
2. Or is it some kind of BIOS bug? Should I upgrade my BIOS to latest version available (v 1.30) to fix this problem?
3. And what is Turbo Core Voltage used for? I remembered have tried to change it with no effect on my Vcore value in BIOS screen. So I always leave it to AUTO since then.
4. I have seen Z68 Extreme 4 with IGPU overclocking options on its BIOS. Why don't they exist in this board BIOS? Or should I connect and switch to onboard HDMI connector (which mean using onboard GPU) to get those options?

Any suggestions are highly welcomed and appreciated.
Thanks in advance.