When I cold boot the system my onboard Lan is not detected, driver installer can not detect it. If I reboot the system a couple times it magicaly appears and works for the most part. It can be flakey. I have checked the bios and made sure the lan was enabled, the wake on lan makes no differance on or off same issues. Now I am also having an issue with my video card a MSI N460GTX that is having some display issues. The card is having trouble with complex meshes and mapping in DX10 and 11. When a movable mesh is shown in a game it has several multicolored dots in the mesh mapping around the movable joints (like in facial features or the seams in clothing), its bad in DX10 and horrible in DX11, now MSI is pointing at the motherboard as the issue because its defective already in their eyes due to the lan issue. Any ideas? Possibly a power supply issue? Just a fubar Main Board?