Hello, I've run into a fairly significant issue with using this board with 2x graphics cards in SLI. This is a little summary I had sent to ASRock tech support in an effort to explain the issue to them. Just wondering if anybody has run across this and found a solution, or if there is something obvious I'm missing.

1) Both PCI-E slots are functional when used independantly
2) Both GTX 470 cards are functional and do work in SLI on another motherboard.
3) PCI-E slot 2 becomes non functional when a card is inserted in PCI-E slot 4
4) PCI-E slot 4 remains functional when a card is in both slots
5) This is not a driver issue - The problem manifests itself immediately in BIOS. No video in BIOS from the card in PCI-E slot 2 When there is a card in PCI-E slot 4. There is video output in BIOS from the card in PCI-E slot 4 when there is a card in both slots.
6) There is power going to the supplemental SLI / XFIRE Power Connector on the motherboard.

Unfortunately, ASRock's reply has been extremely disappointing, to say the least. First they advised me to make sure the SLI bridge was connected and some other real basic stuff. From what I could gather, the tech support person didn't even read my initial request, or any of my subsequent replies. When I mentioned I wasn't happy with this, his reply was amazing: essentially writing that most people (i.e. me) are too stupid to read and follow directions anyway. Well, whatever. I'm hopeful somebody here might have some ideas as I'd rather not have to do a rebuild. Thanks!