Anyone can help me? Emily? >_>

I have 890GX Extreme3, also have the same error as that person, "1394 GUID are invalid in both CMOS and Flash!"
and I have to click F1 in order to resume. After clicking F1, all goes well again.

Here's what happened before everything went wrong:
I was doing my usual chore: checking my facebook wall before I go do other stuffs until the screen suddenly goes linear horizontally.
It froze, so of course I have to shut it down, wait for it to cool down, then switch it on again. However, after so many tries switching
it on again, I have to get the ASRock manual from my old treasure box. After reading some stuffs there that didn't seem to help, I just
pressed the RESTART button on the motherboard, and yay it booted up! However, the "1394 GUID..." appeared... I've also had several
problems regarding POST so I grabbed the manual again for Dr. Debug. Yeah, it helped but not quite since it doesn't explain why "AA"
appeared after boot up on the motherboard, instead of "00" (I actually do not remember if it appears as "00" before this event)

I've browsed the internet, and found out that disabling IEEE 1394 via BIOS would remedy it. It did, but why the hell should I disable
it in the first place when it's normally working before this bad event happened?

As a summary, can someone tell me what the hell actually happened why I got that "1394 GUID..."?
What does that actually mean?
As well as "AA" instead of "00" after Windows startup?

I actually want to have some explanation because, of course, I am an ASRock owner, I have the right to know.
And by knowing it, I'd be able to avoid it the next time around. (Not just me, but also the readers of this thread, my story is very specific rofl)

P.S.: Do I have to RMA? :( I hope not (I've read it in some forum also)