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Thread: Asrock 890FX Deluxe3 mobo with video card problem.

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    Default Asrock 890FX Deluxe3 mobo with video card problem.


    I have two PC's, one strictly for gaming and the other for everything else. I bought a 890FX Deluxe3 mobo for my gaming PC and used a Radeon 5850 card in it and its works just fine. I liked the mobo so I bought another one this time a 890FX Deluxe4 for my media PC and got a new 6850 for it. That PC works fine as well. I later pulled the 6850 because it was very loud and put in a fanless DX11 card which I'm happy with. So I wanted to upgrade my gaming PC to a new video card and more memory. I installed the memory (16GB) with current setup and it works fine. I then purchased a Radeon 6870X2 card installed it and here is where my problems start.

    Plug in the power supply (Corsair TX750W) and turn it on (not booted just flipping the PS switch on) and the PC goes into some kind of failure loop. That is the fans on the power supply and video card start then stop, start then stop and keeps doing this until I power off the power supply. When I pulled the card and inadvertently turn on the PS the PS fan started doing the same thing. So I'm thinking I did not get the video card seated correctly or get the sic pin power connecter seated right. I spent the better part of two days pulling, re-seating the card, checking all the connections etc with no luck. I put the 5850 card back in and in the PC acts normally and fires right up on boot.

    Okay I'm thinking bad card? I RMA it back to Newegg and since I still have my 6850 card sitting around from the media PC upgrade, why not get another one of those and do a crossfire setup. Not getting the same performance as the 6870X2 but good enough for Battlefield 3. So I do and when I installed them I got the same problem. The 6850 works fine in my Deluxe 4 board so whats the difference between the D-4 and D-3 other than better USB support? What about the PS? I'm using a Corsair PS and when I bought it from Newegg their site says this is good for SLI or Crossfire rigs and indeed several people have posted reviews where they are using Radeon 6800 series cards in their rigs just fine. However when I looked closer at the PS manual it does not mention any support for Crossfire...

    I'm at a loss. When you plug in a PS and turn it on (before booting), what actually occurs behind the scene. Does the mobo go into some kind of system check? If so, what is it looking for?

    Well, going to put the 5850 card back in so I can play this week, if I get some feedback saying the PS is the issue I may go out and purchase a new one, this time it will be modular.



    AMD Phenom II X6 CPU, 16GB (two 8GB DDR3 1600) matched memory, Asrock 890FX Deluxe 3 mobo, Corsair TX750W PS, Radeon 5850 GPU upgraded to 2x 6850 Sapphire in crossfire setup

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    Default Re: Asrock 890FX Deluxe3 mobo with video card problem.

    Do you connect the external video-card power connectors?

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