I OCD to 4.8 my temps peaked for a second on intelburn at 90c/90c/88c/87c then went down to 60's on "VERY HIGH setting" I then ran Prime95 and they didnt get over 68c! BIOS says mobo temp is 31-35c and my CPU is 57-60c. COREtemp has me 33-49c/33-98c/31-98c/35-44c idlemin/max? Nvidia has me 35-40c idle??????

Now and then at idle my COREtemp max flashes orange to 98c? Then drops back down to around 33c?

Azza Hurrican
Coolermaster 1000w
AsRock Extreme 7
I5-2500k with a Spire Thermax Eclipse II heatsink (2 fans) w/ Tuniq 4 them paste
8gb Mushin Redline Enhanced 2133mhz
Samsung spinpointf3 1 TB
RMA ing Corsair Force 3 120gb SSD <<< go figure!
PNY 9800GX2