I still have my Asrock Fatal1ty Pro (B2), Bios 2.00, purchased at February 29. Now I'm having random lockups and disk errors. I want to know if there is any way to make an exchange with my faulty motherboard?

LCDTV LG Scarlet II 1080P
Antec Twelved Hundred
Corsair TX850
Asrock Fatal1ty P67 Professional ~B2~ (Bios v2.00)
Intel Core i7 [email protected]
2x4GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHZ 1.5v
MSI NGTX 580 900/1700/2200 1.08v
2x320GB Seagate W7Ex64 (RAID-0 128K)
1x500GB Samsung
2x1Tb WD 64MB
1x2Tb Seagate 64MB