i'm aware the P43Twins1600 is an older board, ive ran ddr2 800 ram in the past with no problems
showing the correct speeds.

last week i purchased 8 gigs Crucial DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600), it installed just fine into the ddr3 slots,
it shows all 8 gigs, the issue is the dram frequency its just registering at ddr3 800, not the 1333.
in the bios, for the auto to manual dropdown on the ram speed, its just showing 800.

- bios is updated to the last known version -> 3.10
- ive set the Memory Remap Feature enabled

ive read that you can adjust the ram voltage, and sometimes that will fix the proper dram frequency,
but had no luck with that as well. this board does support DDR3 1333.

i also used EVEREST Ultimate Edition PC Diagnostics to show the memory spd, it does list it at 1333,
but im not sure thats the actual readout from the sensors on the board, or what its operating in
the dram frequency. I've also tested it with CPUID and same results, showing it at 1333, but the bios
is still listing it at 800.

I really love this board, i would hate to dump it just for the ddr issue, so i figured i would ask if there
are others who still use this board, and if they are using 1333 ram.