I'm having a little trouble installing Windows 7 to my new system build.

I have the Asrock Extreme 4 Gen 3 board.

Unfortunately this board has none of the old style ATA connectors to connect my DVD-RW to. I guess newer DVD-RW and BD-R etc must all now come with small SATA connectors? Seems strange though that they still included a floppy connector which is even older and nobody really uses anymore but didn't include ATA133 type ribbon cable connector? oh well!

I have added a Belkin ATA133 pci card into the system and connected the ribbon cable/connector to that.

How do I now boot from that to get Windows 7 installed off of the disc it is on? I don't seem to see any option in the BIOS for this?

Failing that I have downloaded a copy of DiskPart so I can hopefully copy my Windows 7 disc to a USB flash drive I have.
If I can do this instead, what if anything do I then need to select in BIOS to enable booting from USB instead because I can't seem to see anything for that either?