Mmk, I've done more googling and forum searching that I can stand. Checked the ASR knowledge base. And Now I've been referred here by the ASR website.

I've got no audio except static white noise coming from both front and back audio port. The FAQ on the ASR website referred me to RealTek's website, where I got the latest drivers for my system (XP Sp3 32bit) and installed them. With the same result. I've d/c-ed the HD Audio front board connector just to see, and got the same result when all I had available was the back native audio port. Now the interesting thing is that the Audio driver software interface thinks I have a mic plugged in when it's the front panel (and I've check many many many times, this is indeed the head phone jack, verified it by live booting ubuntu, just because. Oh and the sound WORKS on linux btw) and if i plug the head phones into the mic jack it thinks i have BOTH mic and headphones plugged in. Back panel detects just like it should. I can't find anything on my problem anywhere.

Any ideas?

For reference my full system specs
ASR 880G Pro-3 Mobo
Kingwin MK Power 1000w PSU
Nvidia GForce GTX280 manufacture by EVGA
AMD Phenom II X2 555 3.21 GHz
2x Corsair 2GB RAM sticks DDR3 (not sure what series, currently in the case)
1x Seagate Barracuda 1TB drive
1x LG DVD Read/Write
Did I leave anything out?