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Thread: Problem with Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3

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    Default Problem with Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3

    On my 2nd Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3
    (first one seemed to lose all knowledge of the southbridge)

    After a software update (for a Blackmagic-design H264 Pro recorder USB device), I restarted the computer, but the board fails to boot.
    Dr.Debug gives an error code of 0x0d on the LEDs which appears to suggest a corrupted BIOS
    (0x0d from manual - "reserved for future AMI SEC error codes")

    I've tried clearing the CMOS to no effect.
    I can't access Instant Flash at boot - all that comes up is the following

    "Version 2.02.1205. Copyright (c) 2010 American Megatrends, Inc.

    The current version of Intel ME firmware is, backup is"

    And I can't go any further :(
    Is there a method to recover the BIOS and see if this works?
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Problem with Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3

    am back up and running...
    Not sure how though....

    searched internet and everywhere about BIOS recovery.

    In the end I plugged in a PS2 keyboard, and an old FAT16 USB Key. I put the UEFI BIOS on the key, but I don't think it was accessed.
    Then powered on while holding CTRL+HOME
    This seemed to do a reset of the CMOS to default settings, at which point I could go F2 into settings, modify, boot and get in to windows.

    If I turned off PC at this point same thing would happen..
    So repeated and got into windows and downloaded the latest BIOS and flashed it.
    Shutdown the PC, cleared CMOS

    And it's perfect now.

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