i noticed there is a problem with Vcore voltage on this MB. In bios i setup up voltage manually for my 2600K to 1.165V. Then i enter to windows, everything is good and stable, fine temperatures, fine voltage. Then i put my computer to sleep and after it wakes up voltage of CPU it 1.36V ! If i restart it, voltage is again on 1.36V! Only solution that works is that i enter bios, put voltage to 1.160V save and exit. After the restart voltage is 1.160V so i need to change it to 1.165V. During 1st restartat if i select 1.165V instead of 1.160V system wouldn't change my voltage and it would remain on 1.36V. So with 1st restart you MUST change Vcore to different value so system would accept the change.

That is really irritaing! Anyone else experiencing same problem?