Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help me. Is there a source for ASRock parts? I just ordered an ASRock AM75-ITX FM1 motherboard for an HTPC I am putting together and I want to take advantage of the CIR header on the motherboard for full IR control of the box, including power on/off via IR. ASRock provides a "Smart Remote" kit for other motherboards with the CIR header, but not with this Mini ITX board.

There must be some way of obtaining the Smart Remote kit (or really just the USB CIR unit as I have a Harmony One) from some supplier but I am coming up completely blank. If someone either has one they would like to sell me or can direct me to a place to get it, I would be very very appreciative. I have found a couple of 3rd party ones on eBay but they will not integrate as easily in my setup as the one ASRock has that looks like a USB thumb drive and can simply be popped onto the front of the chassis.