All looked fine initially. Updated firmware on my Crucial m4 SSD. Installed win 7. Went into UEFI bios and my mouse would not work. Found a new bios on ASRock website, followed the flash instructions (used a USB stick). Flashing seemed to go well. When it was done, I waited for about 15 minutes but nothing happened ( I cant remember if it was at a dos prompt or what the screen was but it completed all of the 3 steps that it was doing over and over. As I said, I left it for 15 minutes after it completed, then I powered down. When I tried to restart, I got 6 quick beeps with a 4F system code, then it switched to a 59 system code and I get no video. I tried restarting without my USB mouse and keyboard attached and get the same result.

I assume the bios is corrupted. Is there any way to recover or do I need to RMA?

Thanks in advance.