Hello to all,
I tried searching for my specific Mobo and it comes up as "sorry no can do", so if this has been asked I apologize.
I have the motherboard above with a E8400 (1333Mhz FSB) and wanted to know if anyone has had any success using 8GB DDR3 (2X4GB) 1333Mhz FSB or even 2X2GB PC3 10666 in their system non overclocked or overclocked? If yes, which manufacture are they? It seems that the mobo specs requires modules with voltage of 1.5, can I use V1.65? Should I use a different voltage?
I have not tried anything yet, the mobo came with 2X2GB DDR3 1066 and it works fine and it OC'd to 1500Mhz FSB. I plan to upgrade my CPU to a Quad core same FSB, will this affect my decision in my choice of RAM?
The person I bought this from said he only tested 1 module OCZ Platinum which is a 1.65V module, CL=7, I am thinking this was his mistake by using the wrong voltage, am I wrong in my thinking?

Any help is greatly appreciated, a NoobOC