Hi, I want to buy PC in next few days and I am looking ahead in buying two VGA's (gtx570), and maybe three in near future. I am very intrested in Asrock Extreme7Gen3 motherboard as it provides 3 PCI-E slots. I found at Asrock homepage that it is recommend to use PCI-E slot 2 and 4 when using double SLI (x16,x16) and using slot 2, 4 and 6 when using triple SLI (x16,x8,x8).

My question is.... is it possible, when using two VGA's (SLI) to use PCI-E slot 2 and slot 6? That would expand distance between VGA1 and VGA2 therefore should improve air circulation. If it is possible, will it be (PCI-E x16/ PCI-E x16) or (PCI-E x16/ PCI-E x16)?

Hope to hear from You quick. Thanks in advance for any reply that would help me in my issue. Take care.