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Thread: G41M-VS3 Bios settings

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    Default G41M-VS3 Bios settings

    Hi Folks

    I recently bought a new machine with this motherboard.

    According to ASRockOC, the CPU is only running at 1.4GHz, I would like to make it run at the correct 2.6GHz.

    Some details

    Operating system Windows 7

    Motherboard G41M-VS3
    CPU E3400, 2.6 GHz Intel Celeron, 64 bit

    Some Bios setting

    Bios Ver G41M-VS3 P1.20

    Processor speed 1400 MHz

    RAM DDR3_800

    Overclock mode AUTO
    CPU Freq 200
    PCIE Freq 100

    Ratio CMOS setting 7

    I would guess that setting the CPU Freq / Ratio CMOS to 260 / 10 OR 1300 / 2
    would give the desired CPU speed of 2.6GHz, but, I do not know which is better, or what else may need to be adjusted.

    This CPU uses a FSB of 800MHz

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: G41M-VS3 Bios settings

    If anyone is interested, I was right the BIOS settings were set badly.

    I upped the CPU ration to 13, as this upped the CPU speed, but, did not alter the FSB.

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