Hi, I recently got a new computer with the asrock N68-GE3 Mainboard.
The onboard graphics have a maximum resolution of 1920x1440 pixels. My Monitor a 23 inch samsung monito with D-sub connector has a resolution of 2048x1536 pix.
There for I Yesterday bougt a new PCI express video card NVDIA Geforce 210.
I restarted the computer changed the onboard graphics to PCI express in the bios saved and rebooted.
At first the computer booted and gave no video signal.
I rebooted and then the computer has video. As soon the OS is starting up the screens flickers and turns black.
Changing the bios settings back I had my desktop back in was able to work but I noticed that the I had not internet connection. The network card was no longer installed. I looked at the back of the computer and only the amber led near the utp connector is burning instead of them both the green and amber.
I pulled out the graphics card and no it is working like before.

My Question. is it possible the t the geforce 210 card is not compatible?

My OS is Ubuntu 10.04.