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Thread: Extreme4 z68 Gen3 Multiplier issue

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    Default Extreme4 z68 Gen3 Multiplier issue

    Hello. I recently acquired an ASrock z68 extreme4 gen3 motherboard that I am having an issue with. I am trying to overclock my i7 2600k chip and all has went well up to 4.5ghz (45x multiplier). If I try to increase the multiplier past 45, the machine will not post and I get a debug code of 70. I have seen others with the same issue (albeit at different multipliers), but have not seen a resolution. I really don't think the issue lies in my processor as I've had it to 5.0ghz in another board at a reasonable voltage.

    Is there a new bios I can try to get above a 45 multiplier? My case is definitely not the norm, as through all my research when deciding which board to buy had reviewers getting very good overclocks with this board.

    I am also experiencing the mouse inversion issue using 1.10 bios and my g400 mouse.

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    Default Re: Extreme4 z68 Gen3 Multiplier issue

    Don't bother using 1.1 BIOS! It has lots of bugs. Revert to first edition 1.0.

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