Hi all,

I just built myself a new system and I have an issue with it resetting hard (no BSOD) and rebooting ocasionally. I'm not sure, but it seems like it may be when the system comes off of full load.

I ran memtest overnight and that didn't find any problems. Sometimes it will go days without resetting, if I'm just surfing, etc.
Just last night, I ran prime95 for 1.5 hours and it was running fine right up to when I told it to stop the test, it rebooted right after that.
I'm not overclocking yet and am running with the BIOS defaults.

Temps are a little high (in my opinion) at just under 80c with prime95 running. I had some Arctic Cooling MX-2 laying around, so I replaced the stock thermal paste with that.

My Components:
Asrock Extreme 4 Gen 3
CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB)
Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2 Boot Drive
WD Caviar Black Data DriveOld Samsung DVD Burner
Antec EarthWatts Series EA-750
Windows 7 Professional 64bit.