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Thread: A770DE+ AMD 1090T won't support all RAM slots

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    Default A770DE+ AMD 1090T won't support all RAM slots

    I originally had a problem with the board having an A64 X2 5200+ installed. I could boot up with two sticks of ram installed in two slots (one yellow, one orange slot 1,3). Upon installing ram in the second set of slots (yellow and orange slot 2,4) the computer would not boot. Turns out when I installed the CPU, one of the PINs was bent. I've been building pcs for years and this has never happened to me before with a ZIF style cpu socket. I tried straightening the PIN and it eventually broke off. I ended up sticking a piece of copper wire in the socket to make contact with the CPU and everything was perfect afterwards. Dow the road I finally bought a 1090t as an upgrade. When I removed the X2 I made sure to remove this piece of copper wire as well. Upon installing the processor and trying to turn on the system I got that all too familiar black screen (no video signal) that I first experienced with the X2. This was a brand new retail processor that came packaged in the box with the heatsink. What are the odds? After removing the second set of RAM sticks I am once again able to boot. I would mainly like to say that as a lower class American that works hard to make ends meet that I don't have alot of time to dedicate to fixing hardware related flaws. I contacted ASRock support with the X2 and didn't get much help until I basically told them that they were being useless and to give me some advice at least. They did help me to realize the PIN was bent which led to me fixing" the issue. Now with a new processor installed into the same motherboard and the PINs in perfect condition, why am I having the same problem. User opinion, is it more likely that an experienced PC builder would have problems with two rogue CPUs or that the motherboard is defective? After I had this problem originally I looked closely at the socket on the board and it appears to me that it has a defect in workmanship. Basically when the machine in the assembly line pressed holes through the plastic that became my socket, one was imperfect to the extent of causing hardware failure. I want so much to like ASRock. I love the underdog and root for the little guy. being the new kid on the block, I want to help build the company to future greatness. The problem I have is the lack of support (which was email/form based) and warranty return. It is of my opinion that PC builders are hands on people that like to make things work. Thus my repair of the PIN/Socket issue with copper wire. I also travel pretty much every Sunday-Friday lately. I don't have time to argue with a company in between work. I feel like they may deny me an exchange due to what I did to make my situation better. I also am thinking about just biting the bullet and buying a newer motherboard replacement (which also means I need newer DDR3 RAM). Should I really choose ASRock again based on these experiences?

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    Default Re: A770DE+ AMD 1090T won't support all RAM slots

    I've been using asrock for several years, minor issues every now and then but overall they have worked well for my needs. My last 5 builds for others were with asrock boards. The question I have is this. Is the memory you are using from the same mfg?

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