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Thread: Asrock 990FX Extreme3 + FX 8120 @ Bios default = CPU Throttling - Not APM

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    Default Re: Asrock 990FX Extreme3 + FX 8120 @ Bios default = CPU Throttling - Not APM

    I had a similar thing today of jumping around on speed checking it with cpu-z. My rig is ASRock 990fx Extreme 4 and FX 8120 cpu. In Bios I set my CPU to manual, board disabled something (cool and quite I think, it will say), then set multiplier to 20, disabled turbo core also, and booted up. Checking CPU-Z it was up to 4000 listed for a moment, then would drop back to 1388(around there) with multiplier of 7, and erratic jumps. Back to Bios, it said set at 4000. Boot up, checking AXTU utility, set that to 20 multiplier,and applied. Check cpu-z again, was steady at 4000. Why the change? Should have done it from bios.Thinking of power profiles, I went to power options in control panel, and found I was on axtu power profile. Must have been applied, when I adjusted in atxu program and applied settings. Wondering if power profiles was the key, I set it to balanced profile, applied, then checked cpu-z and erratic again. Back to power options, selected my axtu power profile and applied. Then to cpu-z again, and back to rock steady at 4000 overclocked. Been there all day. So the long and short of it is power profile options. Balanced or power saving, might be the culprit. Really, I did nothing else in bios. Left everything else at default settings. Hope this helps. Peace Out.

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    Default Re: Asrock 990FX Extreme3 + FX 8120 @ Bios default = CPU Throttling - Not APM

    Okay so I was curious about why my multiplier was going to 7x when I reached aprox. 52C. I ended up downloading AMDMSRTWEAKER, which alows you to see all of your current C&Q Power state profiles. I started up Prime95 and HWINFO64 and waited until it heated up enough to trigger the downclock. What I found was that the multiplier and voltage were the same in HWINFO64 as they were in AMDMSRTWEAKER. This told me that C&Q was never really turned off even when turned off in the BIOS. I then edited my P states with the same program and found that my CPU would now go higher than ever before and not downclock. This is good news as it means that it is not the VRM's overheating and that it is merely a weird BIOS issue with the motherboard. Hope I helped somebody out as this took awhile to find out and test.

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