Hey guys.

I'm playing with my PWM fans. I used this software already with my old PC rig, and there was never a problem. If I set my fans speed to 0% it went down in time to 0RPM's.

However in my new config that's not the case. I have Fractal R3 Case, AsRock Extreme 3 Gen 3 motherboard, and in total 3 PWM fans + CPU cooler. I have 2 Thermalright 140mm PWM fans attached to Chasis 4 pin connector through pwm splitter, and also I have done the same with CPU Cooler Fan (also Thermalright 140PWM) and Arctic Cooling 120mm PWM fan.

My fan settings in BIOS are set to Full On or Manual. As far as I see those are the settings that are the opposite of automatic or disabled which I figured I don't want to have.

So anyways, when I set my speeds to 100%, my thermalright fans speed show ~1280RPM's when set to 100%, while my CPU and AC fans, show ~1390RPM's when on 100%.

However if this is good, then when I set it to 0% is not. When I set both fans to 0% I get respectively ~650 and ~450 RPM's. And it's not the display bug, cause I checked, and at least one of my Thermalright fans is still spinning when set to 0%.

Do you have maybe some advice to me, what could be causing this?

I have pretty great fans, and I specificaly set my config for the super cool solutions, so I want to lower my fan speeds to as low as possible, especialy since I did buy pretty great fans(thermalrights), even if they operate on very low speeds.