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Thread: Z68 Extreme7 with i7 2600K - No Intel virtualization

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    Exclamation Z68 Extreme7 with i7 2600K - No Intel virtualization

    I have the Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 MB with i7 2600K and 16GB Ram, booting from a Samsung 830 SSD.
    Regardless whether I enable Virtualization in the Bios or not, I'm unable to use either Windows Virtual PC (with Win7 or XP) or VMWare 8 WS with OSX Lion.
    I always get the start error message that hardware virtualization is not enabled.

    According to Intel specs while the i7 2600K doesn't support all Virtualization states a i7 2600 does, it is supposed to support the standard hardware virtualization needed to run a 64bit guest in VMware Workstation 8 or Windows Virtual PC.
    As I really need my Win 7 Mac, I would appreciate any help I can get.
    But I suspect, that there is a problem with the bios (I'm on 1.30, so maybe someone with an older bios could test, whether Windows Virtual PC is working and let me know.
    Best regards,


    Btw: In case you want to setup a similiar system make sure you have the SSD on Sata3_0 or Sata3_1. Once I did that, my system started to run real smooth upto 4.8 GHZ

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    Default Re: Z68 Extreme7 with i7 2600K - No Intel virtualization


    I continued my testing.
    I installed every bios version 1.00 to 1.30 and CPU-Z and Intel processor ID shows VT-x instructions (needed for virtualization) enabled and present, when I DISABLE Virtualization in the Bios Advanced CPU settings.
    VT-x is not present, when Virtualization is enabled in the BIOS, so there is obviously something wrong.
    Unfortunatly, it's not just a wrong label, as both VMWARE Workstation 8 and Microsoft Virtual-PC complain about missing hardware virtualization, when trying to run a 64-bit guest OS (OSX Lion or Win 7) regardless of the Bios setting.
    32bit Guest systems are not able to start either, but with different error messages.

    As I have confirmed, that the i7 2600K prozessor is able to run VM's with other mainboards, it seems obvious, that there is a BIOS problem.
    Could someone from ASRock please test and fix it. The Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 mainboard is one of the most expensive socket 1155 MB's, comes highly recommended and I really expect something so basic to work.

    Thank's Chris

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