Can this board run win7 (ult x86) on a GPT or does it have to be on a MBR?

MoBo ASRock Extreme4 Z68 - RAID0 4tb total. (2 TB WD -Black Caviar Black HDD7200)

Have tried extensively to resolve this issue and feel kinda dumb asking but here it is. After a trip to the Knowledge bar at my local microcenter I'm still stumped.

Have set the Bios to RAID. Additionally Ctrl+I config the 2xHDD's into RAID0(stripped). MB Sata ports: Sata3_0 and Sata3_1 (white).

1st Tried numerous installations directly through windows boot setup, When asked Where do you want to set up have tried formatting and also As Unallocated Space. All attempts have ended in ERROR 0x80042468.

2ed Followed Error 0x80042468 received when creating a single partition on a drive greater than 2.2TB during install of Windows instructions to the letter with no success, still capped at 2TB max. After installing OS on "Unallocated Space", The same notorious error appears "MBR are limited to 2tb" .

Ty in advance.