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Thread: ASRock Extreme7 Gen 3 SATA ports not detecting SSD/HDD

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    Question ASRock Extreme7 Gen 3 SATA ports not detecting SSD/HDD

    My SSD is not showing up in my BIOS.

    I have searched the forums and found problems similar to mine, but have yet to find a solution that works for me.

    I have a Kingston 64GB SSD connected to an ASRock Extreme7 Gen3 MoBo and a 600W PSU. The SSD is connected to the MoBo through SATA.

    I have tested each SATA connector with an LG BluRay ODD. The ODD shows as detected on each SATA port I tested. Using this same method with the SSD has had the opposite results. I used different SATA connectors and PSU connectors when testing the SSD, including the ones that were connected to the ODD during its successful tests; no results. I have checked the SATA settings and made sure they were AHCI. I have also tested a Western Digital 1TB HDD in the same manner as the SSD; neither the SSD nor the HDD are detected in the BIOS. I heard the HDD spinning up so i know it is getting power.

    Any help is appreciated. I'm so very, very, very close to being done with this build. And I have so many, many, many rebate forms to send out.

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    Default Re: ASRock Extreme7 Gen 3 SATA ports not detecting SSD/HDD

    1.Try resetting the CMOS by using the Clear CMOS smart switch on the board which is located to the right of Dr.Debug lower right hand bottom of the board. SET UEFI defaults then mod the Intel as well as ASMedia SATA ports to AHCI and see if that works.
    2.If that does not work unplug rig from A/C source - yank the CMOS battery – push the power button to clear any held voltages in the capacitors and either hit the clear CMOS button or move the jumper cap to short pins 1 and 2 for 15 seconds then switch back to default.-SET UEFI defaults then mod as above
    3.Flash to the latest released 1.30 UEFI via USB stick (connected to any USB 2.0 port) having only your SSD and any optical drives connected. SET defaults then mod as above.
    If after trying all of the above and the 2 Intel SATA-3 ports nor the Intel SATA-2 ports fail to detect your SSD or for that matter any mechanical HD then you have basically exhausted any further trouble-shooting - RMA the board.
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