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Thread: Wake On Lan- Fatal1ty 990FX Professional

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    Default Wake On Lan- Fatal1ty 990FX Professional

    So, I have set up Wake On Lan on quite a few desktops following the instructions i found at this site: Windows 7 Issues: Wake-on-Lan (WOL) for Windows 7 Made Easy!

    On the Asrock Fatality 990FX Pro (my main desktop), the computer will wake fine when it is in Sleep Mode(Standby- suspend to RAM, powers off and power LED blinks) and also if it has been shutdown, but only within a an hour or so.

    When I Shutdown or Sleep the computer, it WILL wake up when I send the Magic Packet to it, but only within in a an hour or so....After about an hour or 2 (not sure of exact time frame) of being shutdown and powered off or in Sleep mode, it will not wake up or power up via Wake On Lan, and only after a couple of hours have passed. I can see the LED's on my modem/router and the network port blink really fast for a second or two when I send the Magic Packet, so I know it is recieveing the Wake Up command, but it simply will not power up after a few hours of being shutdown or put to sleep.

    I have PCI devices Power Up option in the BIOS Enabled, as when this is disabled, Wake On Lan does not work at all. I am using the most current BIOS (1.50) and fully updated drivers and Win 7 Ultimate x64. I have the same results using either of the 2 network ports (not using teaming mode).

    Any ideas??

    EDIT: I originally thought it was not waking up after a few hours only when in shutdown state...I was wrong...I left it in Standby for several hours today, and it would not wake either. I updated my original post.
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