I have a question if you may... I want to buy the asrock motherboard H67DE3 and I will use the integrated intel graphics...I read about the voltage problems this board have with IGPU and that is why you have on your website a new bios version for this issue..

1.60 7/11/2011 Windows® 3.06MB Modify default setting for IGPU voltage.

my question is... since the bios update description says Modify default setting for IGPU voltage...Does this mean that it is just a matter of adjusting settings... If yes? then could you tell me what settings to adjust so I don't have to flash the bios..

another question, if i have to update the bios to fix this problem and it goes wrong......
Will I be able to get the board fixed by you at no cost. i will be buying the board in Egypt, Africa... please note that I will only have to flash the bios to fix this problem and I think that you should cover this if the flash goes wrong..

thank you