i've just bought a new ASRock 990fx Extreme 3 and have problems with its onboard sound chip.
- There is no "Cable plugged in.." message for configuring the plug mapping like this: http://tenac.webhop.net/images/richtig.jpg (clicking on the output symbol in manager doesnt help either)
- Upmixing fom my 5.1 headset doesnt work.
- Center and Subwoofer out are swapped, the checkbox for swapping them results in no more souind on these channels...
- Volume seems to be limited. Maximum volume is quite low compared to other sound cards (even other Realtek ALC8**), but is normal under Linux..
- Audio output has audible distortions when limiting is in effect, resulting in bad s ignal quality as seen here: Realtek Soundchip fail - YouTube

All this was tested with both the included drivers from the CD and the current ones from the Realtek webpage and the current UEFI revision. OS is Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate AMD64.

Greetings Magic94