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Thread: 990fx pro Fatal1ty MOBO Dr Debug 70, 9A, 5E. Dead? Won't post.

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    Unhappy 990fx pro Fatal1ty MOBO Dr Debug 70, 9A, 5E. Dead? Won't post.

    Hi guys, my first post and thread. I went through about 13 pages in the asrock part of this forum. Nothing really compared with my problem.

    Ok so yesterday was a scorcher of a day here in Melbourne, I bought my mobo, cpu, ram, vid card, psu on the 29th of October last yr from msy in clayton. Has been running flawlessly up until yesterday afternoon.

    I was doing a dungeon on world of warcraft yesterday. When the pc just crashed/froze. I didn't think much of it. So restart the system, kept hanging on fatal1ty's face. After a few more resets. Finally just kicked along, windows 7 64bit. Running greatly, load wow back up, login. Get into another dungeon. Crash/freeze again.

    Ok since all my resetting/turning off powering down. No dice. At first I was getting Dr debug, 70. Just stay on 70. Then i decided to disconnect everything, put my ramm back in 1 at a time and power on. Seemed every new thing I put onto the mobo, it got past the 70 but stopped at 9A. Let me add mind you, I no longer have fatal1ty's face on my screen since the last crash/freeze. It doesn't post, screen doesn't say no signal and pc does the 3 long beeps when no memory in dimms. Anyways so get everything back onto my mobo. Throwing 70's the odd 9A. Tried the clear cmos button on the back. Still more 9A's. Then a new one comes up, doesnt even get to 70. It's 5E. or SE.

    Now stumped even more so. This computer was/is stock. I've currently got the battery out. Hopefully that does something.

    My specs:
    mobo mentioned in title.
    1090t cpu
    8gb 2x4gb kingston hyper x 1866
    gigabyte hd 6950 1gb
    thermaltake toughpower 775w psu

    I don't know anything else I should mention. I really miss seeing Fatal1ty's face :P I couldn't ring MSY today because they are closed. So any tips or suggestions/experiences you've found please let me know.


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    Default Re: 990fx pro Fatal1ty MOBO Dr Debug 70, 9A, 5E. Dead? Won't post.

    Ok returned back to store, they had no more in stock, so they are sending it back to the manufacturer. Thanks for your time.

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