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Thread: ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3 Network issues

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    Default ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3 Network issues

    I'm at a total loss with this. I just purchased this board and installed Win 7 Ultimate 64bit (clean install), installed all the drivers & software from the included CD and everything work except the internet.... well sort of.
    At first I couldn't access the internet at all so I uninstalled the XFastLan software, after a reboot the internet connection was running but it's SLOW and the only website that would load was all other sites, ie.,,, etc., wouldnít even load, the connection times out, oh sometimes HTPC, Home Theatre PC Manufacturer & Supplier - ASRock Inc. website loaded but really really slow.
    I opened a command prompt and pinged with no packet loss, however, all 4 packets were lost, same for and every other site I tried.
    I powered off my computer and reset my DSL modem, pulled the power cable, let sit for 20 seconds then powered back on, restarted my computer, this did not solve the problem. I have no issues with internet speed when I plug in my laptop, using the same network cable as the PC, so it's not the cable or modem.
    Oh, turning Windows Firewall OFF also did not help, so it's not that either nor did turning OFF the firewall in the DSL modem.
    Next I removed the network hardware (from control panel/system/hardware) rebooted the computer and reinstalled the drivers.... Same issue I could only access
    I stopped and restarted DNS and HDCP services, flushed the cache even though it's a clean install I figured it wouldn't hurt, nothing seems to work.
    Using this new computer I have NO issues accessing my DSL router via web browser and from the router interface I am able to ping any website with no issues.
    So, I called Verizon DSL and spent 2 hours on the phone with them, reset the modem, bla, bla ,bla, didn't work. They attempted to log on to my computer using go2mypc but that was unable to extablish a connection on my end, service call over nothing they can do as itís NOT an issue with their hardware. As I stated earlier, my laptop has NO issues accessing the internet using the same cat cable, also works when connected via wifi.
    Finally I reinstalled Windows (clean install) again, installed just the mobo drivers, no additional software, and still can only access and NO other sites! FYI, performing a search on Google does return results, however when I click on one of the links it doesn't go to that website. Oh, upon launching IE MSN.whatever the default website is loads but clicking on any of the links does nothing, it just stays at the home page in addition Windows update doesnít work, Windows is unable to register the OS, etc.

    Anyone have any ideas??


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    Unhappy Re: ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3 Network issues

    Today I had the same problem, but horrible slow "mode" was only in IE. I have installed Firefox and everything is OK. :-/
    Unfortunatelly, even after a few restarts, IE still doesn't work...

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    Default Re: ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3 Network issues

    Go HERE to Realtek's website and download the newest driver for the RTL8111E.

    You want either:
    Manual install - Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Driver | 7.065 | 2012/11/23 | 783k
    Auto Install - Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Auto Installation Program (SID:1546351) | 7.065 | 2012/11/23 | 5847k

    Either way I'd first uninstall the current device and or it's related drivers.

    But those should fix ya up.
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