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Thread: 990fx Professional AM3 does nothing

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    Default 990fx Professional AM3 does nothing

    I replaced my old ASUS m4a785td-v evo motherboard [socket am3] with the 990fx pro series board.
    i am using 8gb corsair dominator 1600,
    phenom ii x6 1055t
    geforce gtx 580 by gigabyte
    corsair h50 hydro series cpu cooler
    and an xpower 1080 800w [4 12v] rail PSU.

    when i install the new 990fx it does nothing at all. no lights, no beeps, no dr. debug. all i get is the back lan ports to flash for less than a quick second before the whole board just sits there.

    i am using the 4 pin power connector and 24 pin atx connectors to give it power. i tried the 8 pin and nothing happened as well. the reason why i am using the 4 pin is because i lost the adapter for my case
    to physically reach the 8 pin slot. however according to my knowledge and the user manual, this should not be a problem

    when i reinstall my old ASUS m4a board the led comes on, and she boots first try.

    i dont think the board is dead because this is the second one to do this to me. and all other parts continue to work with my old setup

    very lost and need assistance. i have been trying to make this board work for months. is there something i am missing? thanks

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    Default Re: 990fx Professional AM3 does nothing

    I would guess the 8-pin connector is the problem. I know you can use the 4-pin connector on dual-cores and some quad-cores. but generally you need 8-pin on anything more than dual-core.

    just remove the psu and relocate it closer to your motherboard for a quick test.

    If this fails, then I'd remove the motherboard and do a bench test outside the case in as it may be a possible short somewhere.

    I'd assume the 990X already support the 6-core CPU, so BIOS shouldn't be an issue.

    Good luck
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 i7 2600K 8GB (2 x 4GB) G.Skill 1333 CL9 MSI HD 7750 Corsair TX850 80Plus

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    Default Re: 990fx Professional AM3 does nothing

    Dear notdrewmaria,

    Please follow the procedure to check your system.
    Turn off the system power and unplug the power cord. Remove all PnP cards (Plug and Play) and cables including VGA, IDE, FDD, COM, USB, and external printer cable.
    Confirm CPU and DRAM is inserted properly
    Clear CMOS
    (Please refer to motherboard user manual for clearing CMOS)
    Plug the VGA card back to the system and also re-connect your monitor, mouse and keyboard.
    Turn on the power and make sure CPU, power supply and CPU fan is functioning.
    If you still cannot get dispaly, please change CPU or memory or VGA card for try.
    If not, please kindly contact your local dealer for assistance.

    Thanks for your support!

    Have a nice day
    ASRock TSD

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