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Thread: HDMI sometimes working, sometimes not working

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    Default HDMI sometimes working, sometimes not working


    I have the Asrock Z68 ITX board. Installed Windows 7 x64. It's connected to a new Samsung TV via HDMI.
    I'm using the Intel onCPU graphics, NO seperate graphics card installed.

    When I put it to sleep (S3) and wake it up, sometimes the screen remains black (my TV senses a cable but there is no picture).
    I tried:
    1. turn the PC off and on (via the power button) -> no result
    2. Pull the plug, wait 5 minutes, than plug it in and power on-> no result
    3. Other HDMI cables and ports -> no result
    4. Check BIOS (beta) updates -> latest installed
    5. Turn it off, wait at least a few hours hour -> sometimes working!

    UPDATE : Testing at the moment:
    1. Reset BIOS to default -> in testing fase
    2. Took motherboard outside case to rule out any i/o shield issues

    The strange thing is:
    1. When it's on it seems to be working correct, however now and than the movieplayer changes resolution.
    2. Waking up is working fine 50% of the time, and not working (black screen) also 50%.

    Any Ideas / advice?
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    Default Re: HDMI sometimes working, sometimes not working

    I ran into this problem on a different motherboard. I ended up just disabling sleep mode.

    I found if I plugged in all the video ports I could then switched inputs on the monitor, sometimes it would come on. I mainly had a huge problem with HDMI on boot not working, but once windows loaded drivers, then it would come on.

    I updated the BIOS and things started working properly, so make sure you have the latest and load system defaults first thing after flash.

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