Hi ,
i recently upgraded to a ASrock Fatality Gen3 board and i'm experiencing Strange Problems with my Crossfire system .
i didn't have any problem with my ASUS Z68V-Pro , but since changing the mainboard , i cant get my PC to work like it should .
here is my problem .

first of all my Crossfire is a combination of a 6990 with a 6970
the problems starts when i start disabling the Onboard devices that i do not need , like HD Audio or ASmedia Sata 3.0 Controller , The computer won't Post anymore after disabling these devices and restarting the PC ( either it freezez at the Boot screen Logo , or it enters the setup menu automatically ) , but this only happens when i have 2 vgas installed . if i only use my 6990 , i can disable whatever onboard device i want with no problem at all ...
it';s kinda a weird problem , and one i didn;'t have with the V-Pro , is this something to expect from a GEN3 ??!!
any help would be appreciated