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Thread: 990fx extreme4 bios updating

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    Default 990fx extreme4 bios updating

    Hi, I just purchased a fx8120 processor to replace my Phenom2 955BE quad core. I have the Asrock 990FX extreme 4 motherboard with version 1.00 bios. Do I have to update to version 1.30 or can I go right to version 1.50 off their website. I went to 1.5 only so far. I downloaded 1.5 zip to a separate folder on desktop. Restarted system into uefi(f2) screen. Went to instant flash and nothing recognized. Back to windows. Unpacked zip to same folder. Back to uefi and instant flash. Nothing recognized. Hard drive is set as 1st boot option. So should i send zip to usb device or different location on hard drive, then try, and which version 1.3 or 1.5? I have never updated bios before. All help is welcome. My uefi screen does not have same pics as Asrock website for how to update under bios instructions.Thanks again. UPDATE: Well i figured out how or was really lucky. Reading other posts and Asrock site again. I picked up a USB drive and formatted to FAT32. Then unzipped Bios download.Sent to formatted usb leaving it open and restarted computer.Selected F6 to get to instant flash. One window came up with 3 boxes. Top was in blue listing bios version.Lower left was configure.Lower right was refresh. Hit configure Flickered and stayed the same Took a chance and clicked top box listing Bios .Success, said do not turn off power and started updating. Went thru bunch of numbers and finally said hit any key to reboot.Did so.Restarted, then blank screen. Said a few choice words,waited a couple minutes.Nothing. Pulled my usb out and hit reset switch. Cycled thru and windows back on. Checked my version. Now 1.5 Note: I was at box before, but just hit configure. Went to main UEFI screen a couple times till I ckicked on top box listing Bios. Hope this helps someone else out. Now to take apart and install FX8120 and more ram, and see if update is good for this processor, and do not need 1.30 which says update for am3+ cpu. This should have it all I hope. Thanks PROGRESS UPDATE: Well installed FX8120 and CPU cooler, Coolmaster 212 evo, and 8 gigs 1600 ram. Re routed cables and added cpu 8 pin extension. Now behind motherboard, where I wanted it in 1st place. Pushed power switch back into socket. It came out a couple weeks ago and had to take front panel off to start, after shut-down.Thank goodness that was all. Hooked computer up and every thing looked good with main power on. Turned on, nothing just fans spinning, no boot,nothing. A few choice words of course. Took computer out of desk, rehooked up with side panel off. Powered on ,looked good. hit start switch,nothing. Fans spinning, motherboard not lit up. Checked my main power cable, it moved just a hair and BAM, back in action. System booted up. Quick look at cpu-z and everthing accounted for. Now back to uefi to adjust and reset. I do over clock some alittle. Definitely not experienced. So nothing radical for me. Hope my little adventure can help someone else out. PEACE OUT!
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