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Thread: Asrock z68 Fatal1ty prof gen 3 lost hd in bios, will not boot

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    Default Asrock z68 Fatal1ty prof gen 3 lost hd in bios, will not boot

    Recently finished a new build and everything was working smoothly and correctly. Had system up and running, had installed all card drivers, utilities ect.

    Had nvidea sli operating and had done a mild overclock to 4.2 on the cpu using the Asrock tweaker and done a overclock on the video cards gtx750hd's to a 790 clock speed and had no problems, temps running great, no freeze ups, no hangs, no blue screens running perfect and sweet.

    System had been up a couple of days and really all I had left to do was set up the windows security and download some games and start enjoying my system.

    Set up went smooth, installed windows 7 prof x64 on a Samsung 830 256gb ssd with no other hd on the system. After the system was up and running smoothly installed a Seagate Sata 320gb hd to use as a storage drive.

    Did have a problem getting windows to recognize the second hard drive (it did show in bios) but ended up switching out the sata cable all went well and formatted the drive and put it on line.

    I do have everything plugged into the red sata 3 ports. I shut the system down overnight everything was fine. I went to restart the system the next afternoon and it would not boot.

    Went into bios and only my dvr drive shows in the bios. No hard drives at all. Reset bios to defaults, reset to ahci and still no hard drives shown in bios. Tried setting to ide and still no hd's.

    Flashed bios to latest beta driver no change. Tried to use the windows repair function on the install disc no good there and of course not showing hard drives.

    Disconnected the 2nd hard drive, tried to reboot but in bios the only thing that shows up is my dvr drive and no other bootable devices

    Put in the motherboard install disc and it wants me to reinstall the sata drivers but will not recognize my flash drive. I am lost and do not know what to try nor what happened between shutdown and restart. The second hd was the only difference since the last boot up and last shut down when the system booted correctly although it was showing to be healthy and on line properly. Nothing had been installed on the second hd.

    Sorry this is so long but wanted to give the best picture that I could of what was going on with the system.

    My system specs are listed below, any tips will be greatly appreciated.

    cpu- i5-2500k
    cooler- 212+
    mb- Asrock fatal1ty prof gen 3
    ssd- Samsung 830 256gb sata3
    hd- Seagtate 320gb sata
    gpu- Evga 570hd 2.5 gb x2 sli
    ram- G skill ripjaws X 2X4 gb
    psu- corsair tx850
    case- Cooler Master HAF932
    os- windows 7 64b prof

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    Default Re: Asrock z68 Fatal1ty prof gen 3 lost hd in bios, will not boot

    Well, it seems that things are just continuing to go downhill. As of my first post the dvr drive was still recognized and the board would try to go through the boot sequence.

    Now the board recognizes nothing on the Sata 3 and when you power up it goes straight into bios and regardless of what you try to change when you go to exit bios all it does is takes you back the start up screen and then goes directly to the main bios screen.

    Does this sound right or is this possibly a bad board?

    unplugged and replugged dvr drive and it is now back online. weird
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