When booting my new 880GM-LE there's an option to press'X' to run Turbo UCC mode so I hit the 'X' and it locked up. Upon rebooting, wouldn't even post. Just a black screen. Had to set the 'clear cmos' jumper to get it to boot and had to re-set all my settings.

There's no doc on this Turbo UCC other than the mb description on ASROCK's site and it says it automatically unlocks any cores and over clocks things automatically. I thought I could unlock the 4th core manually but don't see any option to do that. If going into this Turbo UCC mode wipes out my bios, do I have a bad board? Kinda disappointed I can't at least see the unlocked core manually and try to unlock it without ziping my cmos.

Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333 mem
AMD X3 455