Hey all, first off let me give a rundown of the system then the problems.

Asrock 970 Extreme 3 Mobo
AMD FX-4100 @ 3.6 ghz (no overclocking yet)
Crucial Ballistix DDR 3 4 gigs
500GB Hatachi HDD
OCZ Stealth Stream PSU 500w
Lite-on DVD/CD Burner
XFX 4850 Factory OC DDR3 500ram (Grabbing 7750 soon)
2 120mm case fans
1 80mm case fan
Diablotek Diamond Case The first issue am having is with my bluetooth. It works fine when plugged in and can recognize my devices but the problem comes in when trying to use it while an app is running or from what I've seen any form of media. (Web, Vlc, Skype etc.) Am trying to isolate it to just the bluetooth but not 100% sure. Also worthy to note that I have installed all updates to the new mobo as well and the ports function fine. Second is a concern for CPU temps. In the bios idle temps range from 39-45 and I know that is without Q & E running but when I get in windows CPUID HWMonitor gives me between 36-40 on idle and about 46-48 idle. Meanwhile in coretemp am getting around 15-20 but that doesn't sound right for stock cooling. Are these temps about right for stock? Worth noting that feeling on/around cpu area and heatsink feel lukewarm/ cool to the touch (heatsink).