Apologies if this has been answered already, but a cursory skimming of the forum didn't turn up anything, so here goes.

I have the above mentioned board (yeah, I know, ten years older than dirt...) and am upgrading my system once more, which will require some additional fans. There are a total of 9, 5 of which I would like to connect to the existing headers on the mobo. I am not really keen on just hooking things up and hoping for the best; experience has taught me this tends to release the smoke from within the components. In an effort to avoid this, does anyone know the current rating for the fan headers on this particular board? The fans in question are the Cougar CF-V14S series, and at most, each header, being case, NB, and power, would have two fans connected. The CPU fan will be connected to the H100, which I am hoping will be able to handle the four Corsair fans it has installed.

Thanks in advance.