Hello People,

I'm writing because I need some assistance! My ASRock G965M-S motherboard died a couple of weeks ago and to fix it I had 2 options.

1. Doing a complete upgrade or
2. Getting the same motherboard model "just plug and play" no hassle.

I went with the second option! The problem is...

I unplugged the usb cable from the motherboard thinking that it was only one connector and it turned out to be a bunch of individual pin connectors. Now I have no idea on what connector goes to what pin

1.+5v(red) 2.+5v (red)
1. -D (white) 2. -D (white)
1. +D (green) 2. +D (green)
1. Ground (black) 2. Ground (black)

*The usb pins of the motherboard are set up as 5 pins in the top and 4 pins on the bottom. On the bottom, the side that "doesn't have the fifth pin" is on the right side.


. . . . .
. . . .

1 USB6_7

I would REALLY appreciate if one of you had some sort of diagram or a walk through for installing. I know that if I put these connectors the wrong way I can really end up messing things up!

Thanks in advance for the timely reply!!!