Hi I decided to add some memory to my P4i65gv MB,it had a 512 module and I had a 1gb stick to go in, both ddr2700 333,the Pc only recognised the original 512mb,although CPU-Z saw it was present,I decided to remove the 512 and leave the 1Gb in,unfortunately the machine will no longer boot up,or even do a POST.
I've refitted the original RAm but to no avail,I've attempted to clear the Cmos as per the asrock manual,
but again to no avail.
The machine powers up and thats it..... no screen or beeps or anything,I don't think I'm heavy handed enough to damage the MB,and all the connectors seem ok.I've tried it with the HD and DVD drive disconnected but can get no further,any help would be most appreciated,