Hi gang,

I bought an ASRock A330 ION last year from a local retailer in the UK that went bust just before Christmas. I was using it quite happily as a nice internet machine, when it suddenly died for no obvious reason.

Symptoms are that the board does not turn on, nor does it carry power to any components or attatched USB devices. It is, to all intents and purposes, dead.

The case wiring, the PSU, the RAM, the HDD have all been tested and are working just fine. In fact, it has taken me so long to try to track down support for this product that I already bought an ASRock A330 GC to replace it in exactly the same system.

Nonetheless, the A330ION was sold with a 2 year warranty, and I'm just trying to find the contact for how to claim under that warranty and get it repaired or replaced. I can see it having a future as an XBMC head, just as soon as it gets fixed...

All the support request FAQ information for 'Europe' or 'UK' that I can find says 'take it to your retailer', which of course isn't an option. I've filled out the support request form on the ASRock website and was sent a reply which basically said yes, you're entitled to support, but we're ASRock in the US and you need ASRock in the EU, and I was sent an email address at asrock.nl which I have forwarded the information to, but have not had any kind of acknowledgement or response.

Can anyone provide me with contact or access to contact with 'official channels' at ASRock EU support, please?