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Thread: PC won't turn back on, but fans run.

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    Default Re: PC won't turn back on, but fans run.

    Hello, I'm back again.
    3 weeks later, I've finally received a replacement motherboard. So I installed it (this time with much better cable management) and put together everything and booted it up. And nothing. Does exactly the same thing as what it did 3 weeks ago. I was shattered. Weird though, how they sent me a replacement motherboard unit and even though they stress that if it's not broken they would charge me all sorts of service and shipping fees, but I got none of that, so I assumed that is was broken and that was my problem. So now I'm quite confused.
    Could I just be overlooking something here? I'm certain that I have everything set up properly. Could this mean a bad PSU now? It has a 5 year warranty. I guess I should try contacting my PSU manufacturer now.

    BREAKING NEWS: I turned the PC on and left it running for about 5-10 minutes, when suddenly, I here a post beep, and the motherboard power and reset button lights came on. But they came on red, rather than blue, which I think is what they used to be. This sounds hopeful yet troubling. I have no monitor signal as of yet, but I got Dr Debug codes of 62, 60, then A3.

    EDIT2: I was wrong, they never were supposed to be blue. I also fixed the A3 error by fiddling with my PCI-E cables. And now, ALL IS WELL! I have a monitor signal, a BEAUtiful post beep, and something I can actually play DotA2 on now. Typing this from my PC right now in fact.
    Thanks everyone for your help, especially profJim!
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