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Thread: Asrock Extreme7 Gen3 problems

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    Default Asrock Extreme7 Gen3 problems


    I've had a Extreme7 gen3 since December last year and to start with I was very happy with it until suddenly since the end of January it has started acting very oddly. I'm about to RMA it, but to avoid the hassle and so that I can play Mass Effect 3 I thought I would give it one last go this week to try to fix it!

    The main problem with the board is that it will loose all power at random points. The most common occurrence is after I switch off my computer in the evening. It shuts down correctly and any items I want to charge over night are happily doing just that. More often than not by the next morning the computer will not switch on, and no items plugged into the usb are charging any more. (I should also point out that even if the are no usb peripherals plugged in this can still happen) The only way to bring the computer back to life is to clear the cmos, and even this may take a few attempts. When opening up the computer sometimes knocking a cable can seem to bring back power, but the bios never posts if this is the case, and I still have to reset the cmos. (I have also checked the connections of everything multiple times with out joy.)

    Once the computer is running it pretty stable for the most part, but with suddenly loose power and then its back to clearing the CMOS. This may not happen for a week, but will sometimes happen multiple times a day.

    This happens whether or not the bios is at default or not, or with or without overclocking.

    The longest I had it running without a problem was when I disconnected the power switch and reset pins, (i had to switch it on with the button on the motherboard) but after a week it still went back to crashing.

    I've noticed some other things which I think suggests that it may be a faulty motherboard. The onboard sound doesn't work, I can activate it in the bios and install drivers, but I don't get any sound. Most of the time it wont even recognise that I've speakers plugged in, or if it does it thinks that they are the wrong ones. There is nothing coming out of the optical out either. This happen in different installs of windows to, so I don't think it's a driver issue. Also using instant boot will crash the computer and require a cmos reset.

    I've tried all kinds of things but with no luck.

    - I stripped out all pci cards and ran with only cpu 1 stick ram and onboard video (although I did leave the hardrives connected).
    - Removed all USB devices
    - Installed a new PSU
    - Tried different installation of windows.
    - Tried different ram

    I am completely stumped as to what it could be... Any help would be massively appreciated!



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    Default Re: Asrock Extreme7 Gen3 problems

    What UEFI version are you using?

    Here is the latest beta bios that I could quickly find.

    How to flash the UEFI:

    Unzip the UEFI to a USB pen drive formatted to FAT32
    Enter UEFI and use the built-in flash program (remember to have your pen drive in a USB2 port for this)
    After the flash, enter UEFI and load defaults, save and exit.
    Remove power cord, CMOS battery, set CMOS jumper to "clear", press power button 3 times, leave for 5 mins.

    Try updating the UEFI and see if that helps.
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    Default Re: Asrock Extreme7 Gen3 problems

    I'm on 1.34 at the mo, but I'll reflash with the method described and see if it helps!

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    Default Re: Asrock Extreme7 Gen3 problems


    I think the "loss of power" is the linchpin that points to faulty Digi Power, Advanced V8 + 4 Power Phase components on the board and despite your extensive trouble-shooting and frustration the outcome will still spell RMA
    Hope your next board regardless of mfg gives you solid performance!
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