Hello, This is my 1st post here. PLEASE HELP if you are able. Thanks!

Motherboard=ASRock 775Dual-Vsta Core2 Duo 1066FSB w/DDR1 &DDR2, APG and PCI Express

Graphics/Video Card=Leadtek Winfast nvidia Geforce 210 512MB GDDR PCI Express Video Card w/DVI and HDMI.

QUESTION? Are these compatible? I go to start the newly built PC system and the PC shuts down within a few seconds (5-10 seconds). Not sure if it is the Video Card --- could be the motherboard is bad?

Trying to isolate the problem.

NOTE: I also have an AGP Video Card (Jaton Corp. 3d force FX 5200TV GPU) Wonder if I should try this card??

PLEASE help? Post answers here and OR email me with any help. Thanks!