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Thread: ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Issues

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    Default ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Issues

    Hello everyone,

    I built my computer on February 7th of last month. Since then I have had three different issues with my computer, two which I remedied on the spot and the current which is preventing the computer to make it past the boot screen. However, I will detail the other issues, as I believe they are relevant and the first still happens intermittently.

    1st Issue:
    About two weeks after I built the computer, I would wake up and the computer would be completely off (I leave it on over night). I would move the mouse and touch the keyboard to check to see if it was a sleep, but it would be completely off. Upon pressing the power button it would not turn on. To fix this, I would unhook the 24-pin power connector from the motherboard and plug it back in and the computer would turn on finally. This has happened about 4-5 times since that point. (This morning I changed the angle the power cord was connected, as I think it was naturally being pulled away).

    2nd Issue:
    On Tuesday this week, I came home from a few days out of town and the computer was off again. This time however, when I got it powered up I got the error "CPU micro-code is not found or micro-code update is failed" A simple clearing of the CMOS fixed this issue. It has happened once more since then.

    3rd Issue:
    This morning it was off again for some reason and this time when I got it powered up I got the error "AP initialization before microcode loading". I have not been able to fix this issue. Currently if I let it stay at the boot screen, after about ten seconds I get a post beep, the error code goes away from the motherboard screen and a black screen appears on the monitor. In the upper right corner there is a white flashing box, sort've like in CMD when it's waiting for input.

    One person suggested that it is the way the motherboard is reading my memory or something and that some people usually have to make tweaks, though he did not suggest what I should tweak. So, I'm looking for either help with a new diagnosis, or if he is correct, what I should tweak.

    PC Specs
    G.SKILL 2x4GB DDR3 1600
    Intel i5 2500K
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Asus Xonar DS
    Radeon HD 7970

    UPDATE: So, my RAM's timing is 9-9-9-24, and my BIOS was set to 11-11-11-28. Therefore I made the correction and the error changed. It not states that the error is "Power on. Reset type detection (soft/hard)" It does the same thing as the last error, as in after about 10 seconds, I get a post beep then a black screen.
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