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Thread: Asrock x79 Extreme9 MOBO help!!

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    Default Asrock x79 Extreme9 MOBO help!!

    I've had my new pc for about ermm little over a month now and its been working fine until about 2 weeks ago. It all started with updating my Nvidia graphics card from 280.26 to 295.xx, was playing WoW and my frame rates went bonkers after

    updating that and the other day i got a frozen screen that showed a bunch of purple pinkish lines running across my screen horizontally. I've recently went back to the 280.26, ive noticed the frame rates on WoW are back to normal some what, they bounce around when in vsync 60-45 when not in vsync i put it around 70 and then bounce very little on FPS maybe 70-63,

    Just a couple hours ago i've been noticing my SB fan running around 6.5k RPM's and temps going up to 55c while my system is idle (not sure if that's normal for a extremely faster than normal pc, specs of pc listed at end of post) ....pc runs around 2% cpu load and 8% memory load at "IDLE" conditions with 55 process running

    i've had this machine overclocked to 4.2Ghz but i took it back to factory settings thinking that might have been an issues..(i know its not but i wasnt for sure what was causing my video card acting up and now my SB fan/temps)

    All the other fans don't run very often, and i havent noticed anything wrong with them in the asrock tuner app.

    PC specs are as follows:
    Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Motherboard:Asrock x79 Extreme9 MOBO
    Hard Drive: 500GB seagate
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3960X
    Memory: 32,768MB RAM
    Page File: 4063MB used, 61373MB available
    Video card: 560 gtx 2gb (non Ti) my screen is an acer 23in LED flat screen running at 1920x1080(1080p) connected using a hdmi cable
    power supply:1000w (cant remember brand name) its not corsair or anything special....

    hope that info helps if you need anything else please reply with anything i can assist of helping you help me figure this out..
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