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Thread: P45R2000 Crossfire problem 2x hd4670.

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    Default P45R2000 Crossfire problem with 2x Gigabyte HD4670 512MB


    Problem with my mobo is Crossfire mode. I have 2 Gigabyte HD 4670 512mb. I did everything from the manual of the mobo for crossfire but it doesn't work.
    Switch card to 8x/8x Crosffire mode, both cards plugged, connected with crossfire bridges.
    Turn on PC, both cards are running but only one is seen in Windows. Second card doesn't give the signal to the lcd monitor when I plug it (it says no signal). When I removed one card from 1st slot the second still doesn't give signal.

    I've cheched every component and they aren't faulty. I checked voltage while in crossfire and both cards ~12v

    I made some test and these are the results:
    Test 1: Swith Card in Crossfire mode 2 cards plugged - One is giving signal second running but not working.
    Test 2: Swith Card in Crossfire mode 1x HD4670 in slot 1 - everything is fine.
    Test 3: Swith Card in Crossfire mode 1x HD4670 in slot 2 - no signal, card running.
    Test 4: Swith Card in Crossfire mode 1x Geforce 7100GS in slot 2 - everything is fine.
    Test 5: Swith Card in Single mode (16x) 1x HD4670 in slot 1 - mobo restarts in POST.
    Test 6: Swith Card in Single mode (16x) 1x GF 9600GT Green Edition in slot 1 - everything is fine.

    I don't think it is a faulty pci-e slot because other cards work. I read that Asrock BIOS has problems with VGA compatibility. Have anybody tried Crossfire HD4670 with P45R2000 (or Wifi version) and succeeded? I've seen reviews with Crossfire HD3870. I looked for modded bios but can't find anywhere. Maybe I can flash the newer bios 1.90 from the P45R2000-WIFI because it's the same board with additional WIFI adapter (I think so). If there is somebody who can help me in any way please post your replies or PM. Thanks in advance.

    My specs:
    Tagan SuperRock TG680-U33 680W
    Intel C2D E7300 @ 3,2GHZ (400x8, 1,3V)
    Asrock P45R2000 BIOS ver. 1.80
    4x 2GB Hynix DDR3 1333MHZ
    2x Gigabyte Radeon HD4670 512MB
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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